The mountains fill your gaze, high above the majestic cliffs and endless forests, and as you soar over this infinite expanse of beauty, closing your eyes is unthinkable. Heart beating fast, you glide through the air, hanging from the steel cable that connects one mountain village to another: the Flight of the Angel, “ il Volo dell’Angelo”, in Basilicata, lets you fly from the peak of Castelmezzano to the neighboring village of Pietrapertosa, attracting thrill-seekers and also those looking for new ways to explore this marvelous land.

The common thread that connects people who love small villages, those faithful custodians of an ancient soul, runs through the entire region of Basilicata: it leads to Aliano where, in the area of the “Calanchi” Franco Arminio organizes the Festival of Paesologia (Landscape), and continues on to Craco, the open air set for numerous films such as the Passion of Christ and James Bond.

There are many threads that wind their way from the Pollino Natural Park to the golden beaches: the thread of history, ruler absolute of Basilicata, land of “briganti” and resistance fighters, land of the timeless, breathtaking beauty of the ancient houses in the “Grotta” of Matera. the thread of literature that weaves back to Aliano and then on to Potenza where it intertwines with the threads of cinema and the delights of traditional cuisine, and much, much more, creating a thread of love and enthusiasm that connects everyone who visits this land.

The rich tapestry of Basilicata comforts tired souls exhausted from the stress of the daily grind, seeking an oasis of peace and rejuvenation, a place where they can lose themselves in the mosaic of villages clinging to the mountain peaks, listening only to silence and the melodies of nature. It is that feeling of  solace and purity that connects Basilicata to all who come here, and why forever after Basilicata lives on in their hearts.



Casa Vacanze Eraclea
Via Eraclea, Montalbano Jonico (MT)
B&B La Panoramica
Via Michele Trivigno, Castelmezzano (PZ)
Hotel Il Belvedere
Via Casalnuovo, Matera (MT)

Food and Drink

Trattoria La Locandiera
Corso Umberto I, Bernalda (MT)
Fr €35,00
0 Trattoria Da Fifina
Trattoria Da Fifina
Corso Umberto I, Bernalda (MT)
Pizzeria I Pitagorici
Corso Umberto I, Bernalda (MT)


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