Living in the shadow of the Roman Coliseum is not an easy task, but the territory of Lazio, tireless custodian of fairy tale beauties beyond the imagination, is certainly up to the challenge.

All the borghi in Lazio are simply exquisite, to explore in wonderment with a curious soul. There are tiny ghost towns throughout this land, magical, evocative places, such as Bagnoregio, a Medieval village built on peak of deciduous rock, which you enter by a bridge over the valley, or Antuni, high on a hill, which hangs like a flowered balcony over the panorama of Lake Turano. Ancient villages narrating stories that are fading away, to be forever lost in time.

The spirit of Ancient Rome still floats in the narrow stone lanes of the towns of Lazio, in the piazzas and historical noble homes, interweaving with ancient legends, like the legend of Tuscania, a small borgo whose foundation is linked to Ascanio, son of Aeneas, the Trojan hero.

The temples and patrician villas of Tivoli are a sublime reminder of the luxurious Empire at its height, as is Porta Romano, the ancient gate of Citavecchia, which still today is busy crossroads for all the people heading for the capital city of Rome, uncontested Queen of this land.

Ancient traditions color this land, some representing symbols of rebirth, such as the “Sagra del Cavelfiore”, the Cauliflower Fair, in Tuscania, which was re-initiated after a terrible earthquake in 1971; others vibrate with spirituality and mysticism, such as the procession of Santa Rosa in Viterbo, where a column weighing 52 tons and carried by 100 men, has been held every year since 1258.

The region of Lazio is one of the fundamental protagonists in the history of the world, a land of timeless treasures and an endless wealth of historical sites, legends, and ancient folklore, immersed in the rolling hills that slowly flatten until they reach the ancient sea town of Circeo, where this magical land meets and embraces il Mare Nostrum.


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Viale Roma, Frosinone (FR)
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