Matera ha una scorza dura e un interno morbido, friabile, come il suo pane. Come lui ha un buon profumo, è il profumo della genuinità ma soprattutto della dignità, quella che non è mai mancata alla gente di Matera.

From high on its plateau, the Castle of Venosa welcomes visitors from afar, facing out over the immense expanse of freshly harvested wheat fields interspersed with stretches of rich, red earth. Beside the ancient castle, you catch a glimpse of the bell tower of the Chiesa del Purgatorio, standing proud with an austere and slightly Gothic air.

Montalbano Jonico is a delicate petal of a city set over deep gullies, looking out over the Ionian Sea which gleams in the distance, framed by pine woods and aromatic Mediterranean shrubs. Ancient Norman walls encircle Montalbano, protecting the lively character of a village where culture intertwines with a millennial history, preserving all its traditions and the intense flavors of its cuisine.

Melfi is surrounded by the majestic landscape of the territory of the Vulture, and as you approach the entrance to the city, you understand that this is a unique and magical place.

The small white houses of Ferrandina are nestled together as if to protect themselves. In their sober white simplicity, with their roofs the color of the earth, you would never imagine they hide an independent soul that refuses to be tamed.

Castelmezzano è un borgo minuto che si porta dentro la grazia delle piccole comunità di montagna.