Piedmont is the ideal region for  travelers in search of tranquility but also  destinations of vast historical and cultural interest. Welcome to a land of austere and imperial elegance, gracefully bedecked in finery like the queens of Italy’s former ruling family, the Savoia. In its time, the monarchy showered many gifts upon this region, but so have the many others who have chosen to live and work here: at the turn of the century, in the 1900’s, Piedmont was inundated by young workers from all over the south of Italy seeking to make their fortune here, bringing with them the wealth of their customs and cultural history.

The centerpiece of Piedmont’s beauty is Turin. Once the majestic royal capital of Italy, it then became the symbol of the nation’s thriving industrial power. From high on the city’s characteristic spire, the “Mole”, you can see the active city spread out below: the elegant noble homes, the beautiful churches, the important museums and the refined chocolate boutiques all combine to create the prestigious atmosphere of this regal city. Turin is the proud custodian of two treasures which are unique in all the world and the envy of the rest of Italy: the Holy Shroud of Christ, enshrined in the main church, which represents an important point of pilgrimage for people from all around the globe, and the magnificent Egyptian Museum, a recent addition to Turin’s treasure trove, which has become wildly popular with visitors.

Italians have a nickname for their country, “il Bel Paese”, the Beautiful Country, and like every other region in this Bel Paese, Piedmont is full of astonishing beauty, castles, fortresses, and tiny villages of unique charm and fascination. Right outside the capital you can explore the two marvelous borghi of Ivrea and Moncalieri, constructed around their imposing castles.

In a neighboring province, be sure not to miss a visit to Biella and the nearby borghi. The city was founded around 1000 A.D. by the Romans and is full of unique historical testimony to that era, while the tiny borghi around it are perfect jewels of Medieval splendor.

A trip in search of nature and tranquility will lead you to the refreshing atmosphere of Lake Maggiore, and the many natural reserves that characterize the region, full of plains and infinite hiking trails through the fragrant expanse of forests.

Piedmont is not only virgin wilderness, there are also vast stretches of premium vineyards, and wine lovers will certainly enjoy a stop at Asti. This city is the undisputed king of Italian sparkling wine, and every year its “Spumanti” proudly compete with the best French Champagne.

Come to Piedmont to discover its eternal beauty and let yourself be captivated by its wonders, and most of all, by the refined elegance that has made it famous and unique in all the world.


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Casa Cuniolo
Viale Giovanni Amendola, Tortona (AL)
Residence Perosi
Via Lorenzo Perosi, Tortona (AL)