In Locorotondo, the voice of the “Scirocco” wind cavorts through the ancient stone lanes, joining the festivities at Largo Bellavista, the high point of the city, where the four winds of Salento meet and celebrate

Monte Sant’Angelo is a fascinating borgo at the top of the world, nestled at the tip of a rocky mountain overlooking the sea: one of those tiny mountain borgos that jealously protects its traditions, beliefs and cultural heritage.

Ostuni is a point of light nestled in the green of the olive groves, glowing and white, high above the sea. Its pale brilliance juts out over the Karstic stone of the Murge

Monopoli is the city you don’t expect, a jewel perched over the sea, shining with bright colors as lively and joyous as the people who live there.

“This place was created before Paradise.”The eternal wisdom of the waves: day after day, persistently crashing against the rocks, knowing that slowly but surely the hard stone

Melpignano is first and foremost the pride of its people, the tireless custodians of this tiny historical town which has remained simple, yet infinitely fascinating.

Taviano is the Sanremo of Salento, in fact, it is called: “The City of Flowers”.

Otranto is a place of pure poetry, poetry that floats through the stone streets of the old city, past the artisan shops and little restaurants, the tempting aromas of traditional cooking

Have you ever been to Heaven ? In Nardò, you will feel like you’ve arrived: descend the steep, cypress-lined path through the pine forest and that first glimpse of the bay of Porto Selvaggio

Maglie is the beating heart of the Salento peninsula, with the soul of an adolescent, always growing and on the run.

Lecce is a city constructed in concentric rings around the pulsing heart of its center, the ancient Lupiae.

You cannot leave Salento without visiting Gallipoli, simply because the emotions and sensations of this magical place is an experience not to be missed.

Comfortable walking shoes and a curious mind are all you need to discover the marvels of Galatina

The rocky, boulder formation hills of the “serra” of Pozzomauro embrace the little town of Presicce, protecting it from the west wind and cradling it in a mild, pleasant climate.

The soul of Ugento is like a sprightly old woman…it is difficult to guess her age, number of husbands, or the tragedies she has endured and survived.