If you would like to escape, to set out on a journey of discovery to find yourself, but you think the ideal place exists only in your mind, think again: Umbria awaits you!

Umbria is the beating heart of Italy, set in the mountain ranges and hills that are the spine of the continent, a land of panoramic natural landscapes and ancient stone villages. Simple places, custodians of humble lives that make no pretensions, offering only silence and peace, and also meditation and reflection for those who venture on the pilgrimage to Assisi, home of St. Francis, a luminous center of spiritual authenticity, where you can leave behind your worldly cares and rest your soul.

The finest examples of Italian art enrich this land. The Cathedral of Orvieto is one of the most beautiful in Italy, with its imposing Gothic style and blazing colors. The church of Spoleto is dazzling, and in the Galleria Nazionale Umbra of Perugia you can admire the works of the great Italian masters: Piero della Francesca, Pinturicchio and Perugino, to name only a few.

But there is a wonderful side to Umbria that you can only discover by savoring its cuisine: as genuine as the free range pigs and boars that become cured meats through the natural processes of ancient recipes; a cuisine as delicious and picturesque as the fine chocolate that becomes the world famous “Bacio”, and also an ingredient in pasta sauce, in a sublime combination with walnuts from Terni, condiments used in the creative cuisine of southern Umbria. It is, above all, a cuisine of delicacies, like the world famous truffles that reign supreme as the uncontested kings of Umbrian cuisine: the dense, smoky, black truffles of Spoleto and Norcia, and the exquisitely rich white truffles of Orvieto and Gubbio, a plain and Spartan stone borgo , in surprising contrast with its lavish and creative ornamental garden overlooking the valley below.

When you need to leave it all behind: the stress, the traffic, the incessant buzz of a frenetic, technological life, the refuge you are seeking is here, in the luxurious peace, in the sublime, timeless heart of Umbria.



B&B Casanise
Via San Giuseppe, Narni (TR)
B&B Ganga
Via del Campanile, Narni (TR)


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