Calabria is a delicate balance between intense flavors and sweet sensations, like the citrus trees along the Ionian coast, their inebriating scent floating through the streets of the borgo and mingling with the sea breeze.

This is a land of contrasts, of water and stone, of churches and sanctuaries high in the hills, surrounded by the crystal clear blue of the sea, a land of small islands, and houses that seem to float above the water, like the enchanting borgo of Tropea, home of the deliciously sweet red onion, a magical town of ancient lanes and breathtaking, panoramic views.

“Peperoncino”, hot red peppers dominate the cuisine, the way the endless sea dominates the views, a strange equation for the skiers in the nearby Gambarie mountains, as they race down the snowy slopes with the sea waiting for them far below. The Sila Park is one of the prides of the region, a natural oasis of unspoilt landscapes and centuries-old beech trees, home to wolves, foxes and skunks. It is the ideal place for sports and nature lovers, and also for those who love secluded mountain villages immersed in green forests, and in winter surrounded by the silence of the snow.

Calabria is a gateway to the world. It has always been a hospitable land, and over the centuries different populations and ethnic groups have left their mark on the region through their languages, culture, and ancient traditions. There are twenty five towns where “Arbereshe”, an ancient version of Albanian is spoken, and all are worth visiting. During the festivals the “Vaja” is danced, a folkdance that honors the deeds of Giorgo Castriota Scanderbech against the invading Turks.

Calabria is a timeless land of incomparable beauty, home to the legendary “Scilla” of mythology, and also one of the most beautiful borghi in Italy, a magical gem perched over the sea.  The entire region is a journey of discovery, a land of intense emotions, flavorful regional cuisine, musical language, and majestic natural treasures, a land of rebirth.

Calabria is a place to discover and explore, and even The New York Times agrees: go there and experience it for yourself!



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