Valle d’Aosta

Do you live in the city, exhausted by the traffic and frenetic pace of the daily grind? Tired of beach holidays and the sweltering summer heat? If you are looking for an unusual, fantastic holiday destination that will warm your heart and rejuvenate you body and soul, then your search is over… Welcome to Valle d’Aosta!

The smallest of the Italian regions, Valle d’Aosta is nestled in the mountains of the Alps, completely protected from the frenetic chaos of the modern world. The “elixir of love” experienced by everyone who visits this peaceful oasis is based on three precious ingredients: virgin wilderness with spectacular landscapes, a long, rich history and the culinary delights of its traditional cuisine.

Valle d’Aosta is the ideal place for people seeking peace and quiet, long walks through deep, secular forests, and the relaxing calm of a wooden chalet with a mountain view. It is also perfect for sports lovers: there is superlative snowboarding and skiing in winter, and trekking and mountain bike riding in the refreshing climate of the summer months.

For an unforgettable experience, take the “funivia dei ghiaccia”, a suspended cable car that runs up the mountain, floating over the tiny stone villages and borghi clustered in the rocky peaks, with breathtaking ever-widening panoramas opening out before you as you ascend, taking you all the way up to the peak of Monte Bianco. And not only the breathtaking views will astound you! When you least expect it, a magnificent castle will suddenly rise on the horizon, because this region is also famous for its enormous fairytale castles, which are everywhere. The most important is the Castello di Fenis, with its intricate stone walls and towers, but they are all worth discovering, their ancient turrets and courtyards recounting the history and culture of this magical land.

To make your visit complete, the final ingredient of Valle d’Aosta is its superlative cuisine, which reaches the height of its glory in the city of Aosta. The cuisine of the valley is completely different from the classic Mediterranean fare, and is based on local ingredients and production, all rigorously fresh: mountain vegetables, local grains and wild game, accompanied by delectably fresh Fontina cheese, and fragrant, dense, black bread. The cuisine of Vall d’Aosta is a symphony of flavors and aromas that delight the senses, framed by the spectacular atmosphere of this region, poised between its Roman origins and its rich Medieval past.



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