I tetti in coppi si affacciano su una valle dipinta dall’intensità dei boschi. I colori vivaci delle case s’incastrano con le scalinate, gli scorci panoramici e i vicoletti lastricati, da cui emerge un’atmosfera da medioevo che rimbalza qua e là per gli angoli del centro storico.

For centuries, the mountains around Venafro have tirelessly protected the borgo and its surrounding plain, delicately painted in infinite shades of green.

Your gaze is swept away by the infinite blue surrounding Termoli, its ancient stone borgo perched over wooden fishing piers and golden sand beaches.

The borgo of Larino lives in perfect symbiosis with the abundant nature around it, as if one could not exist without the other.

Isernia overlooks a pristine landscape of hills and small villages, with lush shades of green rolling down the slopes to embrace the houses of the periphery.

Frosolone pulses with life, surrounded by a panorama of lush fields dotted with wildflowers and pale megalithic stones sculpted by time and the elements.

Fornelli is set like undulating jewels on the crest of a rocky ridge overlooking the Valley of Volturno. The borgo is an exquisite masterpiece framed by stretches of forests and olive groves, a magical stone kingdom of dream-like perfection.

Castelpetroso is a tiny borgo, surrounded by a mosaic of small hamlets perched in the hills of Molise. The charm of this village is enclosed in a fascinating maze of ancient stone lanes that lead to the little squares of the historical center, overlooked by its Lombard castle.

The origins of Bojano can be found on the battlefields of ancient legends. The lanes of this borgo whisper ancient stories of a powerful city, a city that challenged Rome itself, and almost won.

The chiming of the bells reverberates through the streets, their golden tones expanding through the green leaves of the woods, floating up into the hills and echoing across the red rooftops of the town.

The ancient theater of Pietrabbondante perches over the surrounding valley full of fragrant green woods. Refreshed by the clean mountain air, the entire borgo is surrounded by this magnificent panorama of high mountains and lush green plains.