Sardinia is surrounded by the sea, its most priceless gift and its greatest protector, over the centuries allowing it to preserve its wild and pure soul. This island is ideal if you are looking for a place to swim in a Caribbean-like sea, either surrounded by the wilds of nature, or the yachts and beach clubs of the elegant and world famous Costa Smeralda, the Emerald Coast.

The journey around this land begins at its northern and southern coasts, which are as different as night and day. The north coast is characterized by inlets with pebble beaches and high, jagged cliffs, while on the southern side of the island, you can discover a more gentle Sardinia, with long stretches of golden sand and rose quartz beaches. Every corner of the island is a paradise, like the archipelago of the Maddalena with its crystal clear, turquoise sea, or the marshlands of Nattari, separated from the sea by only a strip of sand, which has become home to a flock of delicate and graceful pink flamingos.

Sardinia is full of important archeological sites, such as the ancient village of Tiscali in the heart of Supramonte, with some forty stone dwellings in the rocky caverns of the Dulina, constructed between the fifteenth and the eighth century B.C. and inhabited until the Middle Ages. In Nuraxi, you can explore the largest Nuragic settlement on the island, characterized by unique cylindrical stone constructions built between the sixteenth and fourteenth century B.C.

Sardinia is an unspoiled land, a land of shepherds and simple, genuine folk with a deep love for their territory, who will be happy to tell you about their home. If you can understand them of course, because here, your Italian dictionary won’t be of much use, because Sardinian, “Sardo”, is a language apart, perhaps the most ancient Romance language still spoken today. And speaking of shepherds, make sure you visit the “Grotta di Ispinigoli”, a marvelous cavern that was once used by the shepherds and their herds to take refuge from rain storms. The cave seems to be artfully carved, with undulating stone and imposing columns, illuminated by colorful plays of light.

A journey in Sardinia is an adventure to take with your backpack. On this island far from Italy, it is a place where you can regenerate, immersed in the clean, turquoise seas which are some of the most beautiful in the world. Or you can venture inland, to explore the timeless magic of Sardinia’s virgin wilderness. Whatever you do on your trip to Sardinia, you will come back refreshed and revitalized. No wonder people return again and again!



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