The Marche region has the perfect recipe for an unforgettable journey of discovery.

The primary ingredient is art, every city in the Marche is a treasure trove, with over a thousand years of culture which over time has been transformed into craftsmanship and artistry of unsurpassable splendor. The lush valleys and fortified cities are the proud custodians of works by Raffaello, Tiziano and Piero della Francesca, as well as beautiful theaters and traditional ceramics workshops. Magical Urbino, regally situated high on a hill, is a city inside a castle, and is the symbol of art in the Marche. With its stone streets, ancient prestigious university, and Ducal Palace, Urbino will transport you to ecstasy with its beauty.

The second essential ingredient of this magnificent region is spirituality. The Marche pulses with mysticism, starting with the Sanctuary of Loreto, an important place of pilgrimage, which safeguards the ruins of the house of Jesus of Nasareth, transported and reconstructed here for you to visit. This is a land of popes and saints, and most of all pilgrims, who followed the pilgrimage routes and were hosted in the many convents and abbeys spread throughout the territory. There are places of silence and meditation, stone monasteries set in the mountainside or perched on hilltops, as well as magnificent cathedrals, so full of art they are as much museums as places of worship.

Vast expanses of virgin wilderness are the third ingredient of this unforgettable region, with two national parks, four regional parks, and six natural reserves to explore. There are mountains to hike in and rolling hills that gently descend all the way to the coast, where you can admire the sea from the boardwalk of San Benedetto del Tronto.

The Marche is ideal for sports lovers: you can choose from skiing, hiking, mountain bike riding, white water rafting, and then relax with a game of golf. And best of all, cave explorers will be astonished by the extraordinary karstic caverns of Frassasi, full of natural stalactite and stalagmite sculptures.

No matter how you combine the ingredients for your unforgettable journey of discovery in the Marche: enjoying the cool breeze outside your mountain cabin, or exploring  poetic Medieval towns full of art, or simply relaxing on the golden sand by the Adriatic Sea, the recipe is always perfect!


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B&B Il Cortegiano
Via Veterani, Urbino (PU)
Hotel San Domenico
Piazza Rinascimento, Urbino (PU)
Il Casale del Duca
Strada Provinciale Montefabbri, Urbino (PU)


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